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07.06.2017, 16:48 - Aimboobs - Rank 1 - 3 Posts
Hello guys,

my name is Tobias "ArcTic", I am 22 and I am from Germany.
I was playing Sauerbraten since 2010 till 2013, then i had not much time for my private life because of my apprenticeship and more reasons.
I was playing after 2013 from time to time, but not very active.
I startet with Trooper Edition and I joined |>HFS<|.
I was playing with Fear and Gangler in this clan.
Gangler is a good friend of mine and we are still playing together smiling.
Later in Justice Edition in 2010 or 11 I joined DarK' and end of 2011 I joined |OSH|.
I learned much in this clan, we were pretty active, did much cw and played a lot of games.
There is nothing real about the cliche "OSH-Cheaters", it was the best time in Sauerbraten for me to play with this nice guys.
Sometimes it was sad because we were not allowed to play some tournaments with the community. (because cliche)
I am playing a lot of InstaCTF and EfficCTF and Insta, Effic... I wanna learn this modes with you guys more to get better and better.
I hope you guys liked this application and I hope that you guys let me join, because I am searching for an active clan, where I know many people, to have fun and just frag together amused

Thank you, Tobias smiling Have a nice day! Let's make Sauerbraten great again!
14.01.2018, 07:19 - Gangler - Administrator - 164 Posts
Welcome Tobi!