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09.09.2017, 22:34 - Zob - Rank 2 - 11 Posts
Alright guys so after some time of thinking about this, I have decided to apply to !s. I know that many of you think i am "unstable" but the reason i left over the summer, is 1 i am busy, and 2 my computer broke and would not run cube anymore. This should not happen again. Ok so here I go.

Name-Ryan Miller


-Age 18

-Favorite mode- effic but i love insta as well, i would like to learn ffa as well sometime

-Favorite map- 100% abbey for effic, insta I_CFT

Why i am applying-Obst asked if i wanted to, also, this has been my dream clan since I first started playing, it was my ultimate goal to get in to. I feel humbles just typing this. I really do like all the members here but i feel like some of you may not like me. I hope we can get off i a better start, because I want all of you to like me as a person and not just the player behind a computer. Also My spelling is not good so excuse me if i spell stuff wrong, sorry about that.

Highest kills-I have gotten 110 kills on face capture although i can not find the screenshot.

I will post all my screens later once the first person responds to this.

I hope to get to know all of you soon and look foward to playing with you.

One thing is though i hate duels very much, and are not the best at them so I will need to suck it up and learn to duel more often i guess.

Am I blacklisted in servers??-no no no of course not

Have I ever cheated-I don't even know how to get cheats on this game so no I have not

How long have I played this game??-I've played collect seriously for almost a year now so I am kind of new to collect, but I am already really good. I played justice for a year and was in an elite clan called [AT] as I was known as DaRkZz and I was in it along with some DK members now like =DK=NeverMind who was [AT]Shepard back in the day, and also others who I can't remember.

Story-I never played effic in justice so when I first started to play collect for the little time I have, I noticed that effic was much more popular than insta was. My first clan was va as all you know I was va|Zob. Reasoning behind my name... I was trying to think of something to do with being sober, like from drinking because I am recovering from a drinking addiction, which back then was really bad, I am all better now. Anyway so I was gonna just have my name be sober, then I thought puting a z infront of that was cool, Zober, then I remembered my old name and then had it at ZobErZ for awhile, then I thought it was a little complex so I just pretty much shortened it and got rid of the ErZ at the end and poof!! Now I'm Zob. Pretty cool sorry right haha yeah not really, anyway yeah I never played effic before, so Rudi came to me and liked my insta talent and wanted me to apply to va, so I did. I was really really bad at effic, the highest amount of kills I ever got back then was like 5-6 I was that bad. Then va|Zuchi trained me every day for a month straight and in about 5-6 days I was amazing and at a month even better, I was then ranging from 30-35 even 40 kills a game on effic. I'm very grateful of his help. In duels however, I am very bad, almost as if all my skill just leaves me.

I would really love one of you guys to teach me how to become good at duels, which is another reason why I love !s, I feel like you guys are a small family that I would be honered to be apart of.

Again I will post screen shots once the first person responds, I still need to gather them.

I love all you guys and hope to play with you all soon!

But at the end of the day, you will make you decision and no mater what the outcome will be, it will only make me want to strive to be the best I can be!

Thank you for considering my application and PEACE OUT GUYS!!

your friend
10.09.2017, 10:40 - Gangler - Administrator - 187 Posts
Hello Zob,

ty for your application.

"I know that many of you think i am "unstable" but the reason i left over the summer[...]"

Actually I didn't see you yet - maybe we can play some games together. Meet us in IRC or DISCORD and hang around with us.

Good luck

10.09.2017, 13:53 - Yoda - Rank 1 - 7 Posts
Good Luck!

Viel zu lernen du noch hast!

10.09.2017, 15:44 - Zob - Rank 2 - 11 Posts
here are a couple screenshots when i was in va

Also besides fragging, I am also a really good flag runner as well, I will try to get some on my times and put them on here as well
19.09.2017, 03:21 - TheLove - Moderator - 197 Posts
did you know Zob means dick in arabic?

btw ur application is super long

good luck

[u][b]You will remember me.[/b][/u]

19.09.2017, 23:56 - Dark~Fire - Rank 1 - 8 Posts
Good luck on your application! and @thelove isnt long good? Also, do I need to post recent screenshots of duels and mix?
20.09.2017, 03:13 - Zob - Rank 2 - 11 Posts
Yes I know Love haha and about time someone else replied on my application
20.09.2017, 12:42 - TheLove - Moderator - 197 Posts
Dark~Fire wrote:

Good luck on your application! and @thelove isnt long good? Also, do I need to post recent screenshots of duels and mix?

Screenshots are fine, recent or (best recent) is fine, i don't like long applications keep it short

[u][b]You will remember me.[/b][/u]

23.09.2017, 00:07 - Zob - Rank 2 - 11 Posts
23.09.2017, 17:43 - hades - Rank 5 - 201 Posts
Good luck
08.01.2018, 17:44 - Gangler - Administrator - 187 Posts
welcome in !s!!! happy)
10.01.2018, 00:28 - TheLove - Moderator - 197 Posts
Welcome Zob (laugh)

[u][b]You will remember me.[/b][/u]