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15.12.2017, 22:09 - RedTayZ - Rank 1 - 2 Posts
Hi there,

This is my application for xS.

What is your known in-game nicknames/aliases?
Red.Tay|Z from the very beginning

How old are you? Where are you from?
I am 20 years old, from Graz in Austria

For how long do you play Sauerbraten? Which clans were you in?
I have been playing since 2010, however I was never a member of a clan.

Are you blacklisted in servers, tournaments?
I don't think so.

Have you ever used cheats in multiplayer modes?

Tell us more about yourself; why do you want to join us and how you can benefit the clan?
Over the years I played many games with both xS and !s members. It was always lots of fun and I feel like I would fit quite well in the xS community. I would consider myself a decent player in effic and insta with space for improvement, particularly concerning teamplay and ffa.
I am looking forward to clanwars and of course I'm excited to get to know you guys.

In hope of a positive reply,

16.12.2017, 00:22 - Obstriegel - Administrator - 290 Posts
Hi RedTayZ and good luck! smiling
16.12.2017, 02:47 - Harsh - Rank 2 - 21 Posts
Hey RedTayZ, I've seen you around ever since I started playing, although I've never really watched you play so I can't comment on that.
Try to post some screenshots of mixes/duels/games that you may have, other than that, good luck!

If life gives you lemons, make orange juice, and leave life wondering how you did it.

16.12.2017, 08:57 - Gangler - Administrator - 187 Posts
Great to see your application. Good luck! smiling
16.12.2017, 12:31 - Josh - Rank 1 - 6 Posts
Hey, nice to see you here, good luck with you app!!!!
17.12.2017, 11:27 - Yoda - Rank 1 - 7 Posts
Good luck!

Viel zu lernen du noch hast!

21.12.2017, 20:47 - Gangler - Administrator - 187 Posts
Congratulations! Welcome in xS