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  • About
Aimboobs aka "ArcTic" made his way to !s after playing many years in several other competitive fragging clans. If asked to describe Aimboobs' person,
you could easily say he is as sweet as a little kitten. He spreads love wherever he goes and always has a sunshiny attitude.
However on the battlefield he should be taken seriously nonetheless, being able to single-handedly turn clanwars in favour of !s.
Particularly his rifle is well-known to be incredibly dangerous - making him one of the best insta player among the sauer community.
Combined with his mate Gangler, they pose a real threat to any clan with almost mastered teamplay.
Aimboobs is very appreciated in both xS and !s and a great contribution to any clan.

  • Personal Info
Nickname: Aimboobs Clanmember
Status: offline
Usertitle: Rank 1
Contact: n/a
Homepage: n/a
Real Name: Tobi Boobies
Gender: female
Age: 01.01.1920 (99 years)
Location: Germany n/a
Registered since: 06.06.2017 - 17:41
Last Login: 11.01.2019 - 16:32

  • Clan / Equipment
Clan: Impressive Squad (!s])
(HP: n/a)
Irc-Channel: n/a
Clan-History: DarK', |>HFS<|, |OSH|, s3xy, xS', vVv|, !s]
CPU: n/a
Mainboard: n/a
RAM: n/a
Monitor: monitor always turned off
Graphics card: n/a
Soundcard: n/a
I-Connection: n/a
Keyboard: n/a
Mouse: no mouse, keyboard only
Mousepad: n/a
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