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to focus on these la
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possible top 10 pick.
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  • About
Fatality - America USA

Fatality started out in one of the most trolled clans in Sauer, }DH{, but that did not stop him from working his way into the competitive community. He climbed up the clan-ladder and in to his home in !s]. Though he spends a lot of his time in the community screwing off, he is no stranger to competitive play in clan wars. He spends most of his energy nowadays working with Sauerworld, working on improving his clan, and creating maps with his editing clan cm|, mostly for the new fork of Sauer called “Inexor”. He is proud to be an example of how a trolled Sauer noob can become a somebody in this community.
Fatality’s most memorable moments include his acceptance into the Impressive Squad family, creating numerous competitive maps, working with the Sauerworld team, commentating and/or streaming a few Sauer Tournaments, and creating numerous Sauer-related videos.

email: sheik@inexor.org

  • Personal Info
Nickname: Fatality Clanmember
Status: offline
Usertitle: Moderator
Contact: n/a
Homepage: http://fatalitysauerblog.blogspot.com/
Real Name: Alex Sheik
Gender: male
Age: 20.03.1991 (27 years)
Location: USA New York
Registered since: 21.06.2014 - 20:33
Last Login: 15.05.2017 - 18:50

  • Clan / Equipment
Clan: Impressive Squad, Cubic Matter (!s], cm|)
(HP: http://impressivesquad.eu/)
Irc-Channel: #impressivesquad @gamesurge
Clan-History: }DH{ - [FD] - wp. - Fan| - !s] - cm|
CPU: What
Mainboard: ?
Monitor: Default 19"
Graphics card: Default
Soundcard: Default
I-Connection: Shitty
Keyboard: Old
Mouse: Logitech g500s
Mousepad: SteelSeries
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