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  • Which of the following is your favorite underplayed Sauer map? (Besides Forge, Turbine, etc.)
time left: poll already ended
32 votes
Option 1: kffa 4 votes 12.5 %
Option 2: catch22 3 votes 9.37 %
Option 3: simplicity 1 votes 3.12 %
Option 4: bad_moon 4 votes 12.5 %
Option 5: fc4 3 votes 9.37 %
Option 6: tempest 3 votes 9.37 %
Option 7: curvey_castle 0 votes 0 %
Option 8: l_ctf 2 votes 6.25 %
Option 9: I make my own maps 1 votes 3.12 %
Option 10: Fuck Sauer 11 votes 34.37 %

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#7 by fake watches 26.12.2017 - 03:21
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#6 by Gangler Clanmember 25.01.2015 - 09:35
Avatar   Germany offline quote

I voted 5 times for "fuck sauerbraten"just to show you all my opinion loud and clear!!!!

#5 by Obstriegel Clanmember 25.01.2015 - 08:11
Avatar   Germany offline quote

The Fuck Sauer is a good thing because it catches Stars (EDIT: and Ganglers) votes. Every time you change your IP you can vote again. So at the end of the poll you can delete it and get the real result.
Because it is possible to vote again it is not a good idea to let it run for so long time.

#4 by Obstriegel Clanmember 22.01.2015 - 16:07
Avatar   Germany offline quote

@hamon: Indeed bad that this is not possible.
I like turbulence but it is not here. Tempest can be great when this ugly camping spot would not be there.

#3 by Fatality Clanmember 21.01.2015 - 18:40
Avatar   USA Homepage offline quote

10 votes Fuck Sauer lol

#2 by starch 21.01.2015 - 05:13
Avatar   USA offline quote

kffa best map of all time

#1 by hamon 19.01.2015 - 09:24
Avatar   email Homepage IP: saved quote

bad that i can vote for only one map :-(
i like catch22 and bad_moon.
In our Championship we try to integrate udnerplayed maps like turbulence,catch22 or something.
Same with "dead" modes like ctf or capture

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