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ISL FFA+ECTF Results and Invitation
written by: ImpressiveSquid

The brackets, screenshots and demos of the last FFA + ECTF tournament are now online.

In FFA Honzik1 could defeat notas 2:1 and is now the current title holder in this mode.
The winner of the ectf finals (poland mix team) played against the current title holder !s on capture_night and forge. Both won one map so the tiebreaker map mercury was played. !s won with only one flag and could defend their title.
The game !s vs. poland is not in the brackets.

Please take a moment to understand how our highly sophisticated file naming system works to find demos you want quickly:
Let's assume you only want to find the second game notas played against Idon|redcat. You see in the bracket it's game number 2 so you just look for it in the list.

Next Up: EFFIC + iCTF

The next event takes place on the 19th of February 5PM CET (same time).
You will have to download the mappack from sauerworld.org! We only add 1 custom map to the effic pools and one custom map to the iCTF pool. But anyway it is good for you to have the whole package for the future.


#1 turbine, complex, mbt2
#2 academy, frozen, simplicity
#3 ot, fdm6, legazzo

starch is holding the effic title right now so if he shows up he has to play against the winner of this event to defend his title.


Pool: laucin abbey authentic berlin_wall campo capture_night catch22 damnation desecration europium
face-capture flagstone forge forgotten garden haste infamy mach2 mbt1 nitro nucleus recovery
redemption reissen sacrifice siberia tejen tempest tortuga turbulence twinforts urban_c wdcd

RB is holding the iCTF title right now so they only have to play against the winner of this event to defend their title.

See you on Sunday!

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