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ISL February: FFA + ECTF
written by: ImpressiveSquid

Hello again!

The next event starts shortly. Here is some info about the rules for today. Remember: We host a tournament every two weeks!


As with the other duel modes there are three pools, for the first event of this type popular and well known maps are spread over all 3 pools.

#1- metl2, skrdm1, elegy
#2- metl3, corruption, nmp8
#3- metl4, phosgene, hades

The all vs all will be played on curvedm.

If there are less than 5 players we will do a round robin bracket instead of the single elimination best of three.


Ectf will be played just like the first event (big map pool, single elimination best of three) except for that there is a title holder now (!s).
The winner of the games today is the challenger and will have to play against !s and picks first.
When the challenging team wins they become the new title holder and do not have to play the "qualification games" in the next ectf event.

Visit the #!sl channel on Discord or #isl on gamesurge IRC for the latest updates.
And beware, the servers are named slightly different this time: (de1/de2/uk1/uk2.impressivesquad.eu)

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