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!SL Results and important info (NSFW)
written by: Obstriegel

clickbait? what is that?
Sauerbraten tournament is dead? Long live the tournament!

First of all Thank you for participating in our first event which will hopefully become a series of ongoing events throughout this year.

We did not expect that so many people would show up especially for the team mode. It was planned to have 4 teams only for the team mode and 8 players for the duel mode. It did not feel good to make the decision to kick 2 teams out but we want to run these events as fast as possible. va| showed great interest in the event and DK also did their best to get a team together without the need of any subs. I know how bad it feels to get kicked in the qualification round. We already consider to let the remaining clans/mix-teams play in a "rookie" bracket. One !s team (starch, M!lch-Mann, Terminator, Bourbon) won the tournament against w00p| who managed to get into the finals with a w00lful llama. |RB| chickened out against a strong rC team to fight over the 3rd place.

The rules have been set and will not change a lot in the future. The events will always be single elimination best of 3 to keep things moving as fast as possible. Changes to the mappools will encourage people to play more maps and hopefully make it easier for a runner-up to challenge the current title holder. There will be always one duel mode and a teammode played every two weeks.

The whole event just finished after 5 hours now which was just the timeframe we aimed for (to get the RB/Honzik1 Seal).

My special thanks go out to:
va|h8 (last minute advertisement), vaQ'Star (backup backend help your mother knows about and a nice announcement), vaQ'Erika (laughing about the sudden death bug [it's fixed]), !s]starch (being the ruleset mastermind behind this), |RB|Honzik1 (asking many questions before and during the event yet playing till the end), [tBMC]swattllama (fulfilling my christmas wishes), !s]Origin (continued great work on the tracker we rely on and support for the 2nd !s team), !s]Terminator (creating the pools, staying awake, being a helpful fatty collecting results)

Challonge Brackets:

Detailed screens and demos of the event can be found on a seperate page:
Screens & Demos January 2017 effic tournament

Next up: Insta and iCTF
Today, same time 5pm CET we invite you to play again but only with a rifle and a chainsaw in your pocket.

This time we provide 4 servers to speed things up!

Overtime & Sudden Death:
The duel mode is extended by 2 minutes in case the score is equal. Infinitely until the winner is determined.
The team mode enters Sudden Death after 10 minutes if the score is equal. The next score wins the game, time is added infinitely.

Insta Pools:
#1 turbine, complex, douze
#2 legazzo, ot, academy
#3 memento, duel7, kffa

The higher ranked player picks something from one pool first. After a map from one pool is picked, the pool is dead. The other player picks then from another pool.

Insta-CTF Pool:

abbey, authentic, berlin_wall, campo, capture_night, catch22, damnation, desecration,
europium, face-capture, flagstone, forge, forgotten, garden, haste, infamy,
mach2, mbt1, mercury, nitro, nucleus, recovery, redemption, reissen, sacrifice,
siberia, tejen, tempest, tortuga, turbulence, twinforts, urban_c, wdcd

Tie Breaker: l_ctf - you can't pick this one. It is played in case of a tie.

Happy fragging!

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