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registered: 13.04.2018
13.04.2018, 18:49 offline quote 

Ladies and gentlemen,

hereby I'd like to apply to join your clan.
I'm playing this game since 3 years; my first (and only) clan was =DK= for nearly one year.
I started in old "justice edition" and met Zob; who's, by the way, also a member of your clan now.
After one year there I came to collect to improve my skill and became better fast. Bourbon also introduced me to effic and in September, 2017, I found the way to ffa. If you ask me what my favorite mode is, I'd actually say effic AND ffa. Since I improved a lot in ffa, I also like it.

Why do you want to join us?
Well, I'm a (very) well skilled, active and friendly player who wants to improve his skill especially at team modes; I'm mainly a dueler but I also want to get better at team modes.

How do you think you can benefit our clan?
As said before, I'm a strong player, which is always good. Also, I'm active and regular (Well usually, at the moment I have exams and not much time to play Sauerbraten). After my exams are done, I'd be active again.

Okay, now the interesting stuff :>

Name(s): /BudSpencer, Toph, Tiffany, (Tittenfick)
Real name: Sebastian
Age: 17
Birthday: 02/28/01
Sex: male
Nationality: German

Languages: German, English (and a bit French)
Fluent languages: German, English

I'm not blacklisted in servers nor in any tournaments.
(I don't know whether this is interesting, but I've also got a global authkey as 'budspencer')
I never used cheats in any game, so also not in Sauerbraten; I'd never do such shit.

About voice activity:
I have a microphone and I'm actually able to talk but I honestly don't talk that much.

For now, that's all I've to say about me. Screenshots of some duels/mixes will follow, if wished but I think, most of you guys know my skill smiling.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice weekend.

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