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Rank 1
3 Posts
registered: 04.01.2018
04.01.2018, 23:03 offline  

What is your known in-game nicknames/aliases? SoiK/Th0r

How old are you? where are you from? I am 19, im from spain :3

For how long do you play Sauerbraten? Which clans were you in (please list all)?at least 5 years but i left and came again several times. |>BM<|, =DKa=, Bs|

Are you blacklisted in servers, tournaments? Nopy dopy

Have you ever used cheats in multiplayer modes?OFC NOT!!!

Tell us more about yourself, why do you want to join us and how you can benefit the clan? I want to join this clan because i know some guys from here and i also want to help !s and xS' to grow so we have more *good* members and we can be a powerful clan for CW's.
Also beeing in a clan that they want you there, is like a new family smiling
SoiK akka Th0r.

Gangler Clanmember
187 Posts
registered: 21.01.2014
05.01.2018, 00:53 offline  

Hey soik, good luck with your application!smiling

Yoda Clanmember
Rank 1
7 Posts
registered: 03.07.2017
05.01.2018, 23:30 offline  

May the force be with you!

Viel zu lernen du noch hast!
Zob Clanmember
Rank 2
11 Posts
registered: 09.09.2017
07.01.2018, 20:29 offline  

I hate to break it to ya, but xS isn’t really a “powerful” team, more as a training clan to get much better

Zob Clanmember
Rank 2
11 Posts
registered: 09.09.2017
13.01.2018, 09:21 offline  

Soik you need to come and play so we can evaluate you...

Rank 1
3 Posts
registered: 04.01.2018
13.01.2018, 14:28 offline  

Sure man wink

Harsh Clanmember
Rank 2
21 Posts
registered: 12.10.2015
18.01.2018, 03:32 offline  


If life gives you lemons, make orange juice, and leave life wondering how you did it.

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