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Gangler Clanmember
182 Posts
registered: 21.01.2014
20.12.2017, 07:46 offline  


Zob Clanmember
Rank 2
11 Posts
registered: 09.09.2017
10.12.2017, 09:38 offline  

Good luck brotha

Rank 1
6 Posts
registered: 22.11.2017
09.12.2017, 22:03 offline  

Hey shuzo!

Nice to see your application here, seen you around for many months and a great guy to talk to.

good luck on your application and see ya in game!

shuzo Clanmember
Rank 1
2 Posts
registered: 09.12.2017
09.12.2017, 18:11 offline  

Rudi I've had many nicks before such as SuperMan or Dinos haha

Rudi Clanmember
Rank 1
7 Posts
registered: 25.09.2017
09.12.2017, 18:03 offline  

We seem to have started Sauer around the same time but I do not know you at all . . . I would like to get to know you a little better so hope to see you in-game one day

Best of luck to you smiling

Gangler Clanmember
182 Posts
registered: 21.01.2014
09.12.2017, 17:56 offline  

great great great! good luck shuzo!

shuzo Clanmember
Rank 1
2 Posts
registered: 09.12.2017
09.12.2017, 17:36 offline  

Hi guys, shuzo here. After declining for a long time Gangler's propositions to join xS, I am finally here. I'm 18 and live in Belgium, although I was born in France. I've been playing sauer since 2009-2010 can't really recall. I was mainly an editor and the only clans I've been into are editing clans such as cm, MH and currently mX, this is why I want to join you guys today. I've never experienced being in a fragging clan and I think xS has a pretty decent level and doesn't take things too seriously which is what I'm looking for in a clan. I think I've played with all of you in public or mix already but I'm willing to play more with you guys!
I often work on playable maps (ctf, duel, etc) which is also a fun thing to work on as a clan (best tips for playable maps almost always come from fraggers - not editors).
Of course I've never cheated and don't plan on cheating in the future haha, there's no pride in winning with cheats.
If you want to get to know me better, just hmu on discord I'll be happy to talk with you smiling
See you in game,


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