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02.12.2014  !s] Clan vs =DK=12:9
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25.11.2014  !s] Clan vs vaQ`3:29
22.11.2014  !s] Clan vs =DK=10:9
13.11.2014  !s] Clan vs .rC|17:16
29.06.2016  Savi application(9 Replies)
Savi application
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15.05.2016  THE BOSS IS HERE(7 Replies)
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13.05.2016  PanDaM Application...(6 Replies)
PanDaM Application (Modified)
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Harsh's application to !s]
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Zeus Apply
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Zeus' latest Fragmovie
written by: ImpressiveSquid

If you have not seen it already, the almighty Zeus has struck from above again. Take a look at his latest fragmovie (#4) here!

The Frag Movie
written by: Fatality

We are happy to finally bring you the first frag movie from your beloved Impressive Squad. Enjoy 16 minutes of epic fraggage from over a year and a half of production.

Rocking the February SauerLeague tournament
written by: ImpressiveSquid

After a thrilling event, the !mpressive squad has managed to win three different titles.
We dominated eCTF, being able to beat .rC| in the finals.
In addition, we were capable of getting the second place in iCTF after losing to |RB|.
Last but not least important, starch's performance in duel modes was extremely brilliant, he's mashed his adversaries in both insta against Honzik1 and effic against swatllama.

See our awards section for more results. For screenshots and demos visit the SauerLeague page.

Your Beatings From the Squad Get Harsher
written by: ImpressiveSquid

But really, the Karma is good with this one.

Please join us in welcoming USAHarsh to the clan! May this fresh young blood prosper and grow with us, and become your next nightmare! May the voodoo of a thousand Indian souls rain over you!!! You can always find him on Mumble, but don't worry, he won't try to scam you for your money.

Gods reunite in !s
written by: ImpressiveSquid

Thousands of years passed by since hades and Zeus defeated Kronos and his Tiatan fellows.
In 2015 they both reunite again to take care about destiny on earth.
Even if hades usually doesn't leave the underworld and Zeus thrones up in heaven, It's time for them to fight in the small sauer world together.
After Zeus hits you with his thunder and lightning bolts you will fall to the deepest part of the underworld and face deadly relentless pain from hades, who shows no mercy.

We are proud and happy to have you. Welcome!


irc.gamesurge.net | #impressivesquad


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